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We provide proofing services for

Academic Papers
Academic CVs
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Book & Excerpt Translations
English Coursebook Materials
English Language Tests
Business Documents
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How to Submit Your Paper

Following are the steps you will go through when you submit your files.

1. Click on Upload. You will be directed to the upload form. Please submit all the required information and the document file. The file must be in the Microsoft Word or PDF format.

2. We will contact you. After you have submitted the information and the file, you will be contacted for further information, if necessary.

3. Sample edit. We will send you a sample edited page within the following 12 hours. Our lead proofer will advise you on which type of proofreading is required for your text, depending on its quality. Afterwards, you will select the type proofreading you would like for your text.

4. Payment. The amount of the service fee will be calculated according to the length of your text and the type of proofreading you have ordered. You will be provided with the bank account information to proceed with payment.

5. It's proofing time! Our team will start proofreading your text and make sure it is delivered with the highest quality by the set date. If necessary, you will also be contacted while your text is being proofread.

Service Fees

Our service fees are among the most reasonable you can find.
You can choose among three types of proofing service according to your needs and considering our lead proofer's advice.

Proofing Service Basic Advanced Premium
Vocabulary Use
Writing Style
Logical Organization
Meetings with Client
Technical Terminology
Text Format
Language & Style Suggestions
References & Bibliography
Price per 100 Words $1.2 $1.8 $2.5